Monday, July 16, 2012

How to react to Google’s Panda Updates

The Google panda updates refers t a set of algorithms that were made to curb any form of SEO related violations of their policies and guidelines. Even though the update has its pitfalls, there are a number of areas where the fallacies may be detected and rectified to take care of shortcomings. The update aims to detect where there is excessive unusual linkages by sites and also where SEO has been used to boost a sites rankings and hence its traffic via Google. The brighter side that SEO firms and sites can look forward to however is that it reflects an unbiased evaluation of their performance and how they may go about further rectifications. The updates detect how far the content of the site is effective and how it can be improved. For those who have been diligent with their site building and SEO development, there is no problem with regard to any complexity that may develop in the future. For those who have depended on strong and repetitive content, as well as unauthorised linkages, that could spell out a host of measures that would have to be undertaken to make things right. Even Wall Street firms seemed to have landed themselves into a bit of complication after the panda updates. But that was taken in their stride and initiatives were taken up to fix up the matter wherever possible. The first and foremost place where one should react is to see the areas where one has violated Google’s guidelines with regard to content. The process of rectification begins with identification of these areas and fixing them using content that does not in any way violate any laws or policies. The update will detect mostly content which is repetitive in nature and those which draw their material from other sources. The best way to deal with this kind of infringement is to take off all such matter and begin from scratch so that the material is unique and original. For a greater part of it, the initiative by Google was to weed out those violate such infringements but in the end it turned out o be more of a penalizing mechanism for sites and SEO carriers who did not follow protocol that is prescribed by them. The penalty being that their rankings with regard to Google’s standings will go down. Thus, the first thing that someone must do after getting hold of his or her panda updates is to make sure that the matter in contest is immediately pulled down and remedial procedures are put into place. Google panda updates have positive as well as negative effects and these can be taken care of if only there is some amount of motivation to do things the right way. A lot of people seem to be panic stricken after the recent update and may have been shaken up a bit but there is nothing much to worry about unless the matter in question is absolutely damned beyond redemption.


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