Monday, July 30, 2012

How to Improve Your Website Ranking After Google's Panda & Penguin Update

The recent penguin updates by Google have sent the SEO as well as the corporate world into a bit of frenzy. The reason being that the set of algorithms that have be released by them aim at decreasing the rankings and popularity of websites and contents that violate and infringe their laws. Google cannot bring down each and every one of these site individually. Hence, there tactics involve lowering the position that these infringing websites hold.
However the objective of this update was to avoid web spam, butt resulted in many websites being intimated about having unusual linking. This resulted in a lot of resentment owing to the fallacy of the undertaking. Taking on a giant like Google will be at the bottom of the remedial list for those seeking justice. Instead of this, websites choose to modify their content in order to be able to cope with this reform. The following are a few of the steps that may be taken to avoid having ones  SEO affected by these updates.
More is not always good:

The trick to being able to beat this is that always having more content is not the solution to it all. The reasoning is simple ~ it leads to too many linkings. People think that the more SEO content they have, the more their rankings will improve. The truth of the matter now is that the more the matter that these sites have, the more these updates will downgrade their current standing. The move that would be preferred is to not overcrowd on excessive SEO matter and be specific in terms of the category that one tries to cater to.
Quality over quantity: 

This age old saying applies in this regard without a doubt. SEO providers think that the more matter they have, the more crowds they draw and hence their revenue and rankings improve. This however turns out to be a complete flop taking into consideration the motive of Google’s penguin updates. There should concentration on building the quality of material which encompasses within its paradigm, structured matter, strong keywords and easy simple content. Getting around this should not be a problem if a few of these methods are put to practice. 
Play it safe:
The reason why some companies are facing defection charges is because they believed that a few links here and there would go undetected and that would in turn save some revenue with regard to building one’s own matter to build his or her site’s credibility. The step here involves never using any links without permission hoping to avoid detection. Sooner or later, the updates will catch on and that will lead to complications.All in all, the main purpose of the penguin updates by Google reduces the habit of smaller sites piggy-backing on the success of other sites. Instead of taking this update as a penalty for cheating, it should be handled like an incentive to have more self sufficiency with regard to genuinely original and unique content.  


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shardha bhatnakar said...

SEO is facing many changes due to Google panda or penguin update ! its time to be careful against against panda or penguin update !

Rushabh doshi said...

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Giana Forzareli said...

Great information on improving my current website ranking. I have seen a little change in the SERP pages when I search some of my sites keywords. I really hope that I wont see a decrease in my DA and PA. Will Penguin Watch more spammers or websites that over advertise?

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