Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google Penguin Update Recovery Tips & Advice

Many web site are Struggling to know what to do in the wake of Google’s Penguin Update? Webmaster or web site owners not understanding how to react & how handle Google Penguin Update !
well before handling this Recovery of Google Penguin first you need to know ?

What is penguin update ?
Google Penguin Update was launched on April 24 & It was a Google change for search results & it was designed just to punish pages which have been spamming Google for long time. If you’re not familiar with spamming site, so in this case's people prefer to do “keyword stuffing” or “cloaking”

Most of webmaster in confusion with Penguin & they wanna know is Penguin Fully Live on Search Engines?
so penguin  was taked a few days for on Search Engine to fully rollout across all Google’s world wide data centers, Google confirms that Penguin is fully live on Search Engine to stop spamming. This Penguin update just Hit to spamming web site
People think that It’s easy to run some search, but they don't think that their site has gone and assume the worst. Google does report some spamming via Google Webmaster Central & tells there’s no way currently to log-in and know if the Penguin Update hit only website sperms & those are against of penguin update guidelines.

Penguin update launched on April 24. Do you see a major drop compared now a days before? If its true than your web site was probably hitted by Penguin. A probably benefited from Penguin if isn't seeing no change? so it means that it really had no impact on your web site.

People trying to understand if their web site was hit by the various Panda Updates.So How Do Recover from this Penguin Update.
To come out from this Penguin Update, you need to remove spam you might have on search engine. In this cases, Google may have sent some important messages to you related spam activity in the past days. Messages may be even send you in Google Webmaster Central.

Must, Correct anything which Google has flagged as spam with your site in Google point of view. If nothing’s been flagged & you’re sure it was Penguin that hit you then must correct as soon as you can do it whatever you can think of that might be spam-like.

Within Google Webmaster Central, Save your web site from this Penguin update.


Anonymous said...

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Ajay kumar said...

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