Monday, September 24, 2012

how to create An Extremely Popular Blog

Short memorable domain name

Its a crucial beginning. Make things easy for us by avoiding long, It is One of the reasons & I don’t visit on some blogs more than one time is their domain names. While trying to favor search engines in the choice of domain name, we are interested in having a popular blog, start by choosing with unique & different a domain name that’s more easy to remember.

Use beautifully simple theme

It is believed that there is benefit of throwing words against free themes but benefits of installing  is only a premium theme on blog are enormous. This is a One of these is the positive impact on credibility and brand name but  Premium themes are highly customisable, responsive, documented, social media powered, SEO prepared, etc. Second thing is to have a carefully planned for custom designed & their expertly built theme for a blog.
To having a popular blog, must think of giving beauty & comfort to Blog readers.

Useful & Unique Content

Its most effective step to building an extremely popular blog, thing to start providing top notch content to blog readers. It may be text or video, the Blog material or content must be easily digestible. If Blog readers find content useful and answers to their questions and problems, It will most help to wining blog readers trust and recommendations. They would like to link & as well as share content and talk about blog. But it depends on how blog is gradually building a popular & famous bog. There is no another way to have a popular blog when Blog content is more mediocre & doesn’t provide any single usefulness to Blog readers. Must think to Consider inviting guest Post authors & conducting blogger interviews to adding  variety as well as different points & let’s  others contribute their own expertise to enhance on blogs content.

Keep attract readers on blog for long time.

It is matter to pay attention. Want to create a popular blog but it is deep matter to think How much time visitors spend their valuable time on others blog is dependent on quality, accessibility & interesting blog topic. To having top content for a popular blog but must provide shortcuts for Blog readers for easily navigate to the information as readers need. Include search tools & most popular posts widget, etc. Because of these are common & basic tools or box which must be in blog. It will surely influence on page views and average time on site. Must Embed YouTube videos, podcasts, presentation slides to peak Blog reader’s interests & make let them spend more time on each blog post.


Abhishek Singh said...

well most important thing is the useful content! Basically reader only like content then they remember domain. "The truth is I never remember how I find this blog but I remember this blog because I learn a lot of information!

Rujacksalad Blog said...

Well, thanks for sharing this article, very useful for getting popular blog.

Freya Renders said...

Great tips ! thank you very much very useful ! I have a new theme on my blog (HolidayNomad) since a few months and absolutely love it but since then Google is not indexing my pages anymore :-( Although Traffic increased enormously. I just do not understand.

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